Weather Report

Tuesday; January 15, 2019.   Temperature 9.7F at 6:22a.  Barometric Pressure 29.54 and falling.  Humidity 54%.  Wind 0.6 mph from the S0uth-West.

Saturday; January 12, 2019.   Temperature 7.6F at 6:20a.  Barometric Pressure 29.60 and falling.  Humidity 78%.  Wind 0.2 mph from the South, S0uth-West.

Wednesday; January 9, 2019.   Temperature 32.8F at 5:19p.  Barometric Pressure 29.54 and falling.  Humidity 55%.  Wind 1.3 from the S0uth-West.

Wednesday; January 2, 2019.   Temperature 27.7F at 7:07p.  Barometric Pressure 29.44 and rising.  Humidity 69%.  Wind 1.1 from the South to S0uth-West.

Thursday; December 27, 2018.   Sky is overcast and snowing light and steady.  Temperature 8.6F at 7:30a.  Barometric Pressure 29.33 and falling.  Humidity 79%.  Wind 1.1 to 6.5 mph varied from the South, to North to North-East.

Wednesday; December 19, 2018.  Approximately TWO (2″) INCHES plus of new snow on the ground overnight.  Sky is overcast.   Temperature 24.5F at 6:30a.  Barometric Pressure 29.39 and falling.  Humidity 69%.  Wind 5.1 to 11.4 mph varied from the South, to North-West.

Monday; December 17, 2018.   Temperature 34.6F at 6:30a.  Barometric Pressure 29.52 and rising.  Humidity 44%.  Wind 5.1 mph from the South, South-East.

Friday; December 7, 2018.   Temperature 4.5F at 6:30a.  Barometric Pressure 29.56 and rising.  Humidity 54%.  Wind 0.1 mph from the South-West.

Thursday; December 6, 2018.   Temperature 7.4F at 5:30a.  Barometric Pressure 29.46 and rising.  Humidity 68%.  Wind 3.3 mph from the South, South-West.

Saturday; December 1, 2018.   Temperature 26.3F at 11a.  Barometric Pressure 29.19 and steady.  Humidity 63%.  Wind 2.4 mph from the North West.

Sunday;  November 25, 2018    Temperature 14.0F at 5:30 p.m.  Barometric Pressure 29.55 and rising.  Humidity 72%.  Wind 2.2 mph from the South, South-West.  Approximately NINE (9″) inches plus of new snow on the ground AT THE LODGE in the past 24 hours and more reported by riders out away from the Lodge.

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