Weather Report

Tuesday; August 6, 2019.  Dr. Don has the weather station up & running!  Temperature at 6:25a 51.8F.  Humidity 61%.  Barometric pressure 22.5 and steady.  Wind….02 mph from the South, South-East. Blue Sky and Sunshine!

Thursday; July 18, 2019  Temp: 59.3F at 6:45a.  Blue Sky and Sunshine!

Saturday; July 13, 2019  Temp: 59.3F at 8:45a.  Barometric Pressure 29.76 & falling.   Clear Sky.  sunshine.  Wildflowers are here!

Sunday; July 7, 2019  Temp: 73.1F at 3:30p.  Humidity: 22%  Wind: 1.4 mph. Barometric Pressure 29.61 & falling.   Slight wind, sunshine, and blue sky.  Wildflowers showing more today too!

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