Weather On The Mountain

Friday; October 30, 2020. Temperature 36.5F at 6:30a Wind 4.5 mph from the South-West. Barometric Pressure 22.37 and rising. Humidity 57%. Sky is clear with the moon shining brightly over the lodge this morning!

Sunday; October 25, 2020. Temperature -7.2F at 5:30a Wind 0.0 mph. Barometric Pressure 22.29 and steady. Humidity 85%. Six to Eight (6″ to 8″+) Inches plus of new snow on the ground at the lodge in the past 48 hours. Hunters reporting more out away from the Lodge.

Wednesday; October 21, 2020. Temperature 29.8F at 10:30a Wind 2.5 mph from the North-East. Barometric Pressure 22.13 and Falling. Humidity 96%.

Monday; October 19, 2020. Temperature 31.5F at 5:30a Wind 0.0 mph Barometric Pressure 22.19 and Falling. Humidity 97%. Three (3) to Six (6) inches of new snow on the ground in the past 72 hours. A few light flurries in the air this morning.

Saturday; October 17, 2020. Temperature 18.5F at 5:40p Wind 3.8 mph from the North East. Barometric Pressure 22.20 and Falling. Humidity 94%. Snowing light and steady with 2 to 3 inches of new snow on the ground in the past 24 hours.

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