Greg Chandler Celebration of Life

We lost one of our long-time mountain family ~ friend Friday morning – November 12. His lungs couldn’t continue to fight COVID. Thank you to all who joined Greg’s family and friends for a Celebration of Life at Bear Lodge, Main Meeting Room, Sunday – November 14 at 1p. Leslie Chandler did an amazing job of sharing so many details and memories that touched our hearts. We were not able to receive approval from YouTube in time for a “Live” filming, however Dr Don did video the “memory” and has posted them to YouTube as: Greg Chandler 1, Greg Chandler 2, Greg Chandler 3, and Greg Chandler 4. We’re disappointed in the lighting, so you’re not able to see the Pictures displaying on the screen. Jon Kvale did a great job putting together a slide show with the pictures that family and friends emailed. The slide show started with a visual of a train track and the whistle blows and you can hear the train starting on the track.

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