Fishing Map Information

Fishing regulations, licenses, conservation stamps, bait, flies, and other fishing supplies are available in the gift shop / store as well as maps of the area. The North Tongue River, Sibley Lake, Bull Creek, Duncan Lake, Sawmill Reservoir, South Tongue River, Little Horn Creek, Twin Lakes, Sheep Creek, Rapid Creek, Park Reservoir, Little Goose Creek, Prune Creek, and Big Willow Creek are some of the area’s most popular spots.

ORV Trail Information & Maps

Wyoming ORV Maps are available in our gift shop / store upon request.
Remember to register your ATV. ORV Registrations are also sold in our gift shop / store.

We find that many of our winter snowmobilers are riding ATVs in the summer to see the areas they rode in a different season. We also find the reverse, our regular ATVers are anxious to snowmobile the area. There is a wide variety of terrain that works for all levels of riders, from simple trails to extreme.

Information on Hunting Maps

Maps of the Big Horn Mountains are available in our gift shop / store upon request, however, we do not stock a large supply of Animal Specific regulations so you may need to make a local Game & Fish office one of your stops to pick up any necessary maps.

Visit the Wyoming Game & Fish Website

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