Off Road Vehicles

Permits & Licensing information

On ROADS, all ATVs and motorcycles, including those owned by nonresidents, are required to either be street legal and display a motorcycle license plate or, if the roadway has been identified as part of the State ORV Program, they may be operated upon the roadway with only a Wyoming ORV permit. If the vehicle has a moto vehicle license plate it may be operated upon any roadway in Wyoming and an ORV permit is NOT required. If the vehicle displays only the Wyoming ORV permit, then it may be operated only upon those roadways identified as part of the State ORV Program.

When on ROADS (state, county, local or other) that are not part of the ORV Program, an ORV may be operated only if it is street legal and has a motorcycle plate; the operator must have an “M” endorsement on their operator’s license and carry proof of liability insurance

When upon motorized TRAILS or AREAS identified as open for cross-country travel and as part of the State ORV Program, all ORVs, including those owned by nonresidents, are required to display a Wyoming ORV Permit. An ORV permit is required to operate upon these trails and open areas even if the ORV also has a street legal license plate, since trails and open areas are non “streets or highways” for which the license plate was issued.

When on ROADS (USFS, BLM, State Park, or other) identified as part of the ORV Program, operators must have a valid operator’s license; the ORV must have brake lights, taillights, and headlamps if operated from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise. However, a motorcycle endorsements is not required on the operator’s license provided that he/she has purchased the Wyoming ORV Permit.

Any operator of an ORV traveling on Roads must have a valid driver’s license, regardless of enrollment in the ORV Program. However, if an oeprator is on a TRAIL that is enrolled in the ORV Program, there is no driver’s license requirement, provided the rider has the Wyoming ORV Permit.

ORVs are mostly restricted to travel upon only established ROADS and TRAILS. They may be operated upon public lands only when on roads, trails or areas identified as “open” for motorized travel by the appropriate local land manager. Contact the local land manager’s office to see what is open for ORV use.

No person may enter private land to hunt, fish or trap without permission.

Operating an ATV or trail bike off roads or trails in a manner that damages or unreasonably disturbs the land, wildlife, vegetative resources is prohibited.

It is unlawful to molest, stir up, rally or drive, in any manner, any game animals or game birds with a motorized vehicle. ATVs and trail bikes must be equipped with approved and operating spark arresting mufflers and comply with sound regulations.

It is illegal to operat and ATV or trail bike off trail or on any trail area closed to that specific type of vehicle as designated by the land management agency or land owner. Please check with the local land manager regarding seasonal closures and any gated roads. It is unlawful to shoot from or across the traveled portion, shoulders or embankements of any road maintained by a government entity.

note: Information obtained from the Wyoming 2004 ORV Map for Bighorn National Forest distributed by the Wyoming State Trails Program

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