We are sad to announce that due to supply chain delays our exclusively Polaris snowmobile fleet for this upcoming season will have a limited selection.

We went into the fall planning a December 15th opening date, tagged with a lot of epic snow. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true. As many of you know, supply shortages have been affecting our day to day lives and our beloved sport was not exempt.

Fortunately, all trail sleds will be arriving on time and we will have 21 machines total. A mix of 650 INDYS, 650 SWITCHBACK ASSAULTS and 650 KHOAS.

Our 850 RMK KHOAS sleds 165’’ are expected to arrive in January. And our joyous 850 PRO RMK 155’’ sleds, have a February arrival date. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the sleds will be available on these dates but we are hopeful they will pull through

The snowmobile shop will be open and available for guests December 15th to April 15th. We are committed to ensuring all your needs are met.

I know for many this means bringing their own sleds. If you are hesitant about clutching, servicing or need any advice feel free to contact us.

To all our guests, do not hesitate to contact the snowmobile shop at 307-752-2218 or for any questions or concerns.

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